"I am more confident and happy with my new 'Lumineer' smile."
    - Cathy, Minneapolis, MN

"Dr. Purev gave me the confidence to smile more often, and I do!"
    - Kevin, Minneapolis, MN

"First thing I do when I come to Minneapolis from Colorado -
I see Dr. Purev. She takes a good care of my feelings, crowns, and most importantly, taught me how to floss properly."
    - Eugene Trak, Colorado Springs, CO

"I am extremely thankful to Dr. Solongo, for her being very caring with me when I was in for treatment. I had some problems with my heart, as well as my breathing, and she was very careful with the dental treatment and in making sure that I was comfortable with the procedures. She was very organized and concentrated in doing her best at everything for her patients. She is a very nice person, and a great Dentist."
    - Olga Tsvik, 20, Minneapolis, MN

"It's one of the most insecure feelings when you have dental problems in your front teeth. Due to my bad candy eating habit, almost all of my teeth including the front teeth were affected by cavities. I had number of dental filings in my front teeth since I was a teenager. I had couple of embarrassing moments when my fillings fell off. I even used to have nightmares of my filling coming off. I had a composite veneer done by Dr. Purev for all my front teeth, top and bottom, and I can't tell you enough how pleased I am with her work and care. Thanks to Dr. Purevís wonderful work, I feel so confident smiling and even just talking to others. In fact, I smile more often than before just to show off my beautiful teeth."
    - Oyuna Uranchimeg, Burnsville, MN, April 2008